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Based in South Africa, Mike and Farran, a dedicated husband and wife team, are at the helm of Supra Studio, delivering image retouching services that focus on seamless collaboration with photographers, agencies and individual brands. With a combined experience spanning 30 years, Mike, trained as an Art Director and Farran, with a degree in Photography, offer a robust understanding of the needs of companies to deliver strong photography that aligns with their brand. “We believe it’s more than just enhancing images - it's about elevating your brand's message, breathing new life into your campaigns.” They understand that great retouching isn't simply about technique - it's about discretion and subtlety; investing in the success of your brand, ensuring it resonates with your audience through compelling, meticulously crafted images.

Farran Sole
Co-Founder/ Head Retoucher

Mike Sole
Co-Founder/ Designer & Retoucher



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